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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 4

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Episode Name: Brothers In Arms
Air date: 6/27/2013
Summary: As Michael attempts to learn more about Burke’s underground network, they are sent to break a prisoner out of a Russian black site in Cuba. In order to help, Fiona and Madeline must frame a corrupt Russian bureaucrat for treason.

This is the third episode of 13, which will make up the last season of Burn Notice. The episode ‘Down Range’ takes us back to the Dominican Republic were Michael asks Sam and Jesse for help stealing a heavily guarded truck. While Maddie and Fi face off against a loan shark trying to collect on Nate’s gambling debts.

The episode starts with Michael burning a photo of him and Fi as he has decided to move on after seeing her with her new boyfriend (in the last episode). This semi emotional scene ends quickly and we see Michael with Burke in a bar, Burke is talking to a gang leader about a new job, which is stealing a heavily guarded truck worth $25 million. The gang leader finds out the worth of the truck and decided to increase his price for doing the job and then Burke proceeds to stab him and this is the first time we have seen Burke get his hands dirty, which was a nice emphasis on how dangerous he is.

As the gang leader is dead Burke asks Michael to get a team, which is when he calls Sam and Jesse for help. I felt it was a bit odd that they go to Michael so quickly and willingly to help especially after not contacting them in over a year. Maddie is approached by a loan shark who is looking to collect on Nate’s (her son) debt, he wants $80,000 and as Michael isn’t there to protect her she turns to Fi in order to help, but she was originally going to try and pay the debt until Fi convinced her it was a bad idea.

After Sam and Jesse arrive they start to demand answers from Michael and he explains to them the deal he made with the CIA and we also learn that if Michael doesn’t bring down Burke they will all go back to jail for the crimes they committed last season. Michael, Sam and Jesse get ready to steal the truck and they are given the orders to kill anyone who tries to stop them as they need the truck today. So Michael goes to get her truck while Sam covers him and Sam is forced to kill a guard, so he doesn’t sound the alarm and ruin the mission, Mic hot-wires the truck and manages to get away. They get the truck and everything’s fine except Sam has an intense amount of guilt about killing this security guard, which is a little odd but it was nice to Sam have an emotion moment. It showed that Sam is still affected by taking someone life, which means he is still a nice guy and not a psychopath.

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