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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance
Episode Name: Frayed
Air date: 7/1/2013
Summary: During a bus ride to a cross country meet, Scott and his friends flash back to the events of a preemptive strike against the Alphas that has left several injured and possibly one or more dead.

One of the best things about the third season of Teen Wolf is that they have managed to have created three distinctive villains for this season in the form of the Alpha pack. Between the twins Ethan and Aiden (Charlie and Max Carver), the massive man-beast Ennis (Brian Patrick Wade), Kali the toenails of doom (Felisha Terrell), and the awesome Deucalion (Gideon Emery), the new Alpha pack is really impressive to see on the screen and it’s the kind of instant recognizable visual code that makes them such effective villains. We know what it means to see the twins at school harassing Scott and Isaac (the execution of their Wonder Twin power this week is really well done and a big improvement over their last appearance) or what it means to see/hear toenails clicking on the tile.

Those are the kind of short-hand signifiers needed by a show that is so visual. Once again, Tim Andrew is in the director’s chair, and once again we get a pretty cool episode. Teen Wolf has defined its look, leaning heavily on the eighties music videos, and it’s a look that really works. It covers the seams of the special effects, be they digital or real, and it increases the drama of an already pretty dramatic show.

Witness Gideon Emery’s super villain moment this week. With Derek on the floor, Deucalion takes the opportunity to both explain why he has a pack of alphas, how a pack of alphas can even exist, and just how and why he’s taken an interest in the Hale family (even name-dropping Peter). It goes from pretty interesting (and about what I suspected) to really over-the-top, with Foleyed-in thunder sounds as a punctuation to Deucalion’s speech about being the monster of all monsters. It’s cheesy, but it’s balanced out nicely by the various detective team-ups with Allison and Isaac working together while Stiles and Lydia continue to dance around their inevitable pair-up.

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